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Creative partner within
concept development

At Adder Concept, we work with both form and language.

Form as in materials, feel and design.

Language as in communication, keywords and graphics.


The office in Bromma has concept developers, graphic designers, store decorators,

project manager and furniture designer who loves communication.

What do you want to tell?

A clear concept creates recognition and trust for your brand.

How do you want to be recognized? In the process together with Adder Concept, we offer to come up with slogans to be reflected in everything from design, materials to color.

We help you communicate through a sign, a store or a product - all with a design language. That is what we call concept.


We are flexible

Hop on and off wherever you want.


What makes us unique is that you, as a customer, can decide for yourself how much or how little help you want. Do you need a sketch or a construction drawing? Choose which part of the process you want help with.

This is what the process looks like:


We usually start with a creative meeting. During the meeting, we try to specify together what you want help with, how you want help and when it will be delivered.

Needs analysis &
mood board
Sketch & idea

Now the ideas are bubbling and we work widely. We in the team know each other well and that helps the creative process forward. Loaded words such as 'no', 'ugly' & 'bad' do not exist - now we have to solve problems and we do that best together and with an open mind. The ideas take shape in sketches and often 3D models that are presented to you.

Material selection

We produce materials that fit into the mood board we have produced - we think colour, structure and feeling. We choose materials with care for our planet – materials that are durable, not infrequently reused. If it is a time-limited installation, we choose interiors for rental.

Project management

When we have presented the idea and sketch as well as material selection and you are satisfied, we go into detail. We make a project plan so that we can guarantee delivery time. In this mode you find out your holding points for the project. For example. when any originals must be delivered to us, when we need to have an approval on the choice of laminate or which carpet you want.

Now we model dimension-specifically in 3D but often also in a physical model to identify any critical dilemmas. Then, depending on what you have chosen to get help with, we make a prototype that you get to test. After feedback and possible adjustment, we make sure you are 100% satisfied before we launch the product.

We use local suppliers as far as we can. We are strategically located in northern Stockholm with a number of subcontractors that we use, and have done for a long time. Ourselves have a standard range of frames and prints that proudly have the label 'made in Sweden' on 95% of our products.

Delivery & evaluation

Now it is time to rig and assemble. We have different assemblers for different purposes so that the result is always ideal. When the project is delivered, we do an evaluation together with you. We do not finalize the invoice until you are satisfied.

We then carry out a needs analysis and create a mood board. Now the project starts rolling. Moodboard is one of the tools we use to see if we speak the same language. The mood board will be sent to you before we proceed with the sketch and idea.

Manufacturing & logistics
Product development
& construction

We usually start with a creative meeting. During the meeting, we try to specify together what you want help with, how you want help and when it will be delivered.

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